Deal with READIBMW Error #EJRBK066

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Getting error EJRBK066 and not being able to open a book
 When you attempt to open a book using Read for Windows or
 Library Reader for Windows, the error message
 "EJRBK066 Could not initialize book system" displays if 
 your system is using a codepage that is not supported.
 To fix the problem, you need to change the active codepage to
 one that is supported by the product.
 To find out which codepages are supported by your National Language
 version of Read for Windows or Library Reader for Windows:
   1) At a DOS prompt, change to the subdirectory where the product is  
      installed (usually /READWIN or /READIBMW).
   2) Type DIR *.TAB. You see a list of file names in the format
      EJRWxxx.TAB.  The xxx in each file name is the number of a
      supported codepage.

 If you are using Windows 3.x, follow these steps to change to
 a supported code page:
   1) Exit Windows entirely. At the DOS prompt, change to the WINDOWS
   2) Type SETUP. 
   3) On the Windows Setup panel, highlight the codepage line and press
      Enter to display a list of alternate codepages.  Select a codepage
      that matches one of the supported codepages (one of the xxx
      numbers in the EJRWxxx.TAB list).
 If you are using Windows 95, follow these steps to change to a supported
 code page:
   1) Get the CD-ROM version of Windows 95.  The utility that you need to
      change your codepage is available only on the CD-ROM version of
      Windows 95; it is NOT available on diskette.
   2) Go to the /OTHER/CHANGECP subdirectory on the CD-ROM.
   3) Type CHANGECP.  Select an MS-DOS code page that matches on of the
      supported codepages (one of the xxx numbers in the EJRWxxx.TAB list). 





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