Some reading excerpts (2011/01/20)

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Sentences from the "The Power Of Positive Thinking":


Pray with the belief that sincere prayers can reach out and surround your loved ones with God’s love and protection. 


“It’s just as plain as the nose on your face. When I get up in the morning,” he explained, “I have two choices—either to be happy or to be unhappy, and what do you think I do? I just choose to be happy, and that’s all there is to it.”


That may seem an oversimplification, and it may appear that the old man was superficial, but I recall that Abraham Lincoln, whom nobody could accuse of being superficial, said that people were just about as happy as they made up their minds to be. You can be unhappy if you want to be. It is the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Just choose unhappi- ness. Go around telling yourself that things aren’t going well, that nothing is satisfactory, and you can be quite sure of being unhappy. But say to yourself,“Things are going nicely. Life is good. I choose happiness,” and you can be quite certain of having your choice.


Suffice it to say that we manufacture our unhappiness by think- ing unhappy thoughts, by the attitudes which we habitually take, such as the negative feeling that everything is going to turn out badly, or that other people are getting what they do not deserve and we are failing to get what we do deserve.


That is all that was said, but I am sure that each man in that lounge left the train with those interesting words in mind,“I make it a habit to be happy.”


Out of the happiness habit comes a happy life. And because we can cultivate a habit, we therefore have the power to create our own happiness.The reason can be directly traced to the manner in which you began the day in your thoughts.

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