cocos2dx 命令解释

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A command line tool that lets you create, run, publish, debug, etc… your game. It is the swiss-army knife for cocos2d.

This command line tool is in its early stages.

Commands Required

There are at least 2 groups of requirement currently. One is for cocos game project, such as newcompilerun, another is for updating cocos framework, such as versioninstallupdate.

  • project
    • new
    • run
    • compile
    • list // open recent projects
    • deploy
    • clean
    • device
  • engine
    • version
    • udpate
  • help
  • assets converter // convert the textures, audios into best file format for target platform. We need a resource manager in framework to do this.

cocos project new

cocos project new <project-name> [-l <cpp|lua|js>] [-p <package name>] [-d <directory>] [-t <template>] [-help]



Must be. The name of your project, wihtout space.

-l <cpp|lua|js>

Must be. Select the programming language for the new game. It can be , or 

-p <package-name>

Optional. Set to "com.mycompany.mygame" by default

-d \<directory>

Optional. By default it will create the new project in your current path

-t \<template>

TBD. We will offer more templates like shooter game, super mardio game, isometric game tempaltes

cocos project run

cocos project run <target> [-m <mode>]

This command will call compile and deplot



Must be. Targets can be , , , etc.

-m <debug|release>

Optional Mode can be or . By default it's debug mode.

cocos project compile

cocos compile -p <platform> [-s <project_dir][-m <mode>] [-j <number>] [-a <architecture>] [--ap <android_platform>]

Compiles the current project to binrary

-s the project base directory

Optional. if not it specified, use current dir

-p <platfrom>

Must be. Should be [android|ios|linux|mac|win32].

-m <debug|release>

Optional. Mode can be or . By default it's debug mode. In release mode, this command will compile lua or javascript into bytecode. Use debug by default.

-j <number>

Optional. How many threads to do the compilation

-a <architeture>

Architecture can be <arm><armeabi><arm64><x86> or <all>

--ap <android_platform>

The android sdk platform number, valid android-platform are:[10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19]

cocos project deploy

cocos project deploy -t <target>

Installs the package to a target device.

-t <target>

Targets can be , , 

cocos project clean

cocos clean <all>

Clean the compiled sources and assets on all platforms. By default, it cleans only your game, but reserve the binary output for framework. If you inputs , then it will clean both your game and the cocos2d-x framework

If you have a nice design please do not hesitate to write your idea here.


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