22. Delegates

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[Note: Delegates enable scenarios that other languages?such as C++, Pascal,
and Modula?have addressed with
function pointers. Unlike C++ function pointers, however, delegates are
fully object oriented, and unlike
C++ pointers to member functions, delegates encapsulate both an object
instance and a method. end note]
A delegate declaration defines a class that is derived from the class
System.Delegate. A delegate instance
encapsulates one or more methods, each of which is referred to as a
callable entity. For instance methods, a
callable entity consists of an instance and a method on that instance. For
static methods, a callable entity consists
of just a method. Given a delegate instance and an appropriate set of
arguments, one can invoke all of that
delegate instance?s methods with that set of arguments.
[Note: An interesting and useful property of a delegate instance is that it
does not know or care about the classes
of the methods it encapsulates; all that matters is that those methods be
compatible (§22.1) with the delegate?s
type. This makes delegates perfectly suited for ?anonymous? invocation. end


你什么时候使用接口?以及你什么时候使用delegates?微软提供了以下的指导思想。在以下情况下使用Delegates很有用:调用一个单一方法。 一个类要进行方法规范(method specifica...
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[Java]LeetCode22 Generate Parentheses
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这个问题让人想到火车进站的次序问题,解的数量可以用卡特兰数求出。  因此我想到其实括号的排列和栈混洗的各个情况是一一对应的。  现有1、2、3三个数字,栈混洗后有123,132,213,231,321...
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前言:我用的jQuery版本为v2.0.1,jQuery绑定事件的接口有bind/delegate/click等其他方法,但是他们最终调用的还是this.on作为入口 但是jQuery提供两种绑定机...
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