Java2Exe: 也许JSmooth更适合你

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Java2Exe: 也许JSmooth更适合你

看到很多人问如何将Java程序转成EXE。最省事的方法莫过于用JBuilder,但是如果你觉得JBuilder太过于笨重,或者在出于种种原因不能用JBuilder, 看看下面的介绍,也许JSmooth,这个小巧、智能、遵循GPL的开放源码的工具能够帮助你。(



JSmooth is a Java Executable Wrapper (in other words, it "converts" Java to exe).

It builds standard Windows executable binaries (.exe) that launch java applications. Such binaries contain all the information needed to launch your java application, i.e. the classpath, the java properties, the jvm version required, and so on. If Java is not installed, it helps the users by displaying them a notice before launching automatically a browser to a web site where they can download a JVM.


Smooth User Experience

  • Your users see and use a standard windows Exe binary. No more technical explanation on .jar, on javaw association, etc.

  • The Jsmooth EXE are smart: if no VM is found, your users are nicely explained how to install Java and/or are redirected to a web site (depending on the selected wrapper).

Flexible automatic Java VM detection

  • Detects the location of any Sun JVM installed. The wrappers use several strategies to detect all the JVM available on a computer, using windows registry, environment variables, windows path.

  • Detects and uses Microsoft's JView (for 1.0 and 1.1 Java applications), if available.

  • The JVM search sequence is fully customizable using the GUI.

  • If a JVM is bundled with your software, you can force the wrappers to use it.

  • Specify which versions of the JVM are compatible with your software.

Graphical User Interface

  • A Swing-based project editor allows you to easily configure the executable binary for your software.

  • Associate an icon to your executable, using a .ICO, .PNG, or .GIF file (automatic color reduction is done if necessary).

Application configuration

  • Easy java properties configuration: specify the tag=value pairs you want the wrappers to pass to your java application.

  • System environment variable are available in the java properties definition: just use the standard Windows %VARIABLE% syntax in your properties definition.

  • Pass special variables that are not available to Java program, such as the executable path and name, and even the computer name.

  • Specify all the classpath configuration, adding .jar, .zip, or directories, with an intuitive GUI.

  • Want to modify the current directory used by your Java application? The wrappers will handle this for you.


  • Provided with several exe wrappers skeletons, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs!
  • Use one of the provided wrapper or create your own, and plug-it seamlessly into the jsmooth framework.


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Java2Exe: 也许JSmooth更适合你

Java2Exe: 也许JSmooth更适合你看到很多人问如何将Java程序转成EXE。最省事的方法莫过于用JBuilder,但是如果你觉得JBuilder太过于笨重,或者在出于种种原因不能用JBui...
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