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原创 2005年03月01日 17:01:00 mozilla's browsers global usage share is 8.45 percent according to Amsterdam - February 28 2005 - ( ), the number one provider of real-time web analytics, today reported that mozilla's browsers have a total global usage share of 8.45 percent. The total usage share of mozilla increased more than 1 percent since Novermber 2004. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the global browser market with a global usage share of 87,28 percent which is 1.62 percent less as at the end of November 2004. "It seems that global usage share of mozilla's Firefox is still increasing and the total global usage share of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still decreasing. It looks like that browser users of Internet Explorer 5 are switching to mozilla Firefox instead of upgrading to Internet Explorer 6.0" said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of The global usage share of Apple's Safari has increased with 0.3 percent from 0.91 percent to 1.21 percent since Novermber 2004. The most popular browsers on the web are: 1. Microsoft IE 87.28 % 2. mozilla Firefox 8.45 % 3. Apple Safari 1.21 % 4. Netscape 1.11 % 5. Opera 1.09 % is the number one provider of real-time web site analytics in the world. Our superior technology powers more than 50,000 websites in 100 countries. With our accurate, detailed & reliable reports we will be able to answer questions about visitor behaviour, site performance and retention. The solutions provide executives, marketers and webmasters with answers to critical e-business questions such as: · Who is visiting my website? · How many pageviews, visits (sessions) and visitors are coming on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis? · What content, products, and services do my visitors prefer? · How many visitors return to the website and how often? · What kind of search engine do they use? · What kind of technology do your visitors use to view the website? · What is the return on investment of my advertising campaigns? · How do I identify significant trends? · How much time do they spent on the website? Methodology: A global usage share of xx percent for browser Y means that xx percent of the visitors of Internet users arrived at sites that are using one of's services by using browser Y. All numbers mentioned in the research are averages of last week and all measurements are normalised to the GMT timezone. Research is based on a sample of 2 million visitors divided into 20,000 visitors of 100 countries each day. Note for editors: for more information, please contact, Belgieplein 84, 1066 SC Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Phone: +31 (0)20 77 92 544 E-mail: Website :


刚开始使用firefox火狐浏览器的时候,你会发现firefox占用内存大,CPU占用率高,打开网页停顿等问题,其实这些是因为firefox没有进行优化,默认设置是标准的设置的原因,解决方法如下:  ...
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Matlab中有15种基本数据类型,主要是整型、浮点、逻辑、字符、日期和时间、结构数组、单元格数组以及函数句柄等。 转自:
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-- Start 我们在 量词 一节中介绍了什么量词以及贪婪与非贪婪量词之间的区别。事实上,通常正则表达式支持以下三种量词。 贪婪量词 非贪婪量词 占有量词 匹配...
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Mozilla Firefox 支持数据岛(第二版)

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Mozilla Firefox 支持数据岛(第三版)

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Mozilla Firefox 支持数据岛

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FireFox插件RESTClient 如何使用POST,请求json数据参数。

FireFox插件RESTClient 如何使用POST,请求json数据参数。 1.概述: 在用 FireFox 插件 RESTClient 的插件时候,GET DELETE 很正常...
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