Create the assembly listing of cpp file on Symbian

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  1. go ot group folder where bld.inf file is stored.for example, cd /uiqsrc/qapps/sharedui/qcontactssharedui/group
  2. > abld reallyclean
  3. > abld makefile armv5 
  4. > abld listing armv5 urel QContacUI ContactsListBoxModel
    • The final two arguments are the MMP and CPP names for the function you want to look at
    • The final output is: Created [...]/contactslistboxmodel.ARMV5.lst. And the .lst file is one we're interested in


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SSD(Single Shot MultiBox Detector) io.cpp:187 Could not open or find file

今天在为SSD训练自己的数据时执行caff/data/VOC0712/create_list.sh时报了好多这个错误: E0412 16:28:31.653440 5008 io.cpp:187...
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Exception about "Could not load file or assembly Namespace.Components' or one of its dependencies."

由于asp.net的权限问题,所以如果在site中使用了Assembly.Load()方法,那么很容易报这个错误。我的整个解决方法如下:1.执行 c:/winnt/

cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device

今天在master服务器上输入命令时,系统报错cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device猜测是硬盘容量已满,使...

How do I create a log file of my installation?

For a specific setup, when launching it Launch your setup with a command line like this: msiexec...
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ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

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