FreeBSD-9安装Firefox and Adobe® Flash™ Plugin

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Install the www/nspluginwrapper port. This port requires emulators/linux_base-f10 which is a large port.

The next step is to install Flash 11.X from the www/linux-f10-flashplugin11 port.

This version will require the following link to be created:

# ln -s /usr/local/lib/npapi/linux-f10-flashplugin/ \

The /usr/local/lib/browser_plugins directory will haveto be created manually if it does not exist on the system.

Once the right Flash port, according to the FreeBSDversion you run, is installed, the plugin must be installed by each userwith nspluginwrapper:

% nspluginwrapper -v -a -i

The Linux® process file system, linprocfs(5) has tobe mounted on /compat/linux/proc, if one wants toplay Flash animations. This can be done via thefollowing command:

# mount -t linprocfs linproc /compat/linux/proc

This point can be automated at boot time with the addition of the matching linein /etc/fstab:

linproc	/compat/linux/proc	linprocfs	rw	0	0

Then, start your browser, enter about:plugins in thelocation bar and press Enter. A list should appear withall the currently available plugins.



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