Spring Framework 1.1.5 Released

原创 2005年03月01日 15:56:00
  • added overloaded "reject" and "rejectValue" methods without default message to Errors interface and BindException
  • added "lookup(name, requiredType)" convenience method to JndiTemplate, matching the JNDI object against the given type
  • added "homeInterface" property to AbstractRemoteSlsbInvokerInterceptor, for specifying the home interface to narrow to
  • introduced MailMessage interface as common interface for SimpleMailMessage and JavaMail MIME messages
  • Log4jConfigurer accepts a "classpath:" URL or a "file:" URL as location too, not just a plain file path
  • Log4jConfigurer accepts config files that do not reside in the file system, as long as there is no refresh interval
  • added "int[] batchUpdate(String[] sql)" method to JdbcTemplate, for executing a group of SQL statements as a batch
  • added C3P0NativeJdbcExtractor for C3P0 0.8.5 or later (for earlier C3P0 versions, use SimpleNativeJdbcExtractor)
  • added "maxRows" bean property to JdbcTemplate, allowing to specify the maximum number of rows to be fetched
  • added "fetchSize" and "maxRows" bean properties to RdbmsOperation, passing the values to the internal JdbcTemplate
  • added ClobStringTypeHandler, BlobByteArrayTypeHandler and BlobSerializableTypeHandler for iBATIS SQL Maps 2.0.9
  • ResourceHolderSupport throws TransactionTimedOutException if no time-to-live left (before attempting an operation)
  • TransactionSynchronization objects can influence their execution order through implementing the Ordered interface
  • JtaTransactionManager is able to work with a JTA TransactionManager only (i.e. without a UserTransaction handle)
  • upgraded MockHttpServletRequest to Servlet API 2.4 (added getRemotePort, getLocalName, getLocalAddr, getLocalPort)
  • upgraded MockPageContext to JSP API 2.0 (added getExpressionEvaluator, getVariableResolver, overloaded include)
  • added "contextOverride" option to ServletContextPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, letting web.xml override local settings
  • added "searchContextAttributes" option to ServletContextPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, resolving context attributes
  • added "clear" and "isEmpty" methods to ModelAndView, allowing to clear the view of a given ModelAndView object
  • added JasperReportsMultiFormatView, allowing to specify the output format dynamically via a discriminator in the model
  • JSP EL expressions in Spring's JSP tags will be parsed with JSP 2.0 ExpressionEvaluator on JSP 2.0 (Jakarta JSTL else)
  • changed "spring:transform" tag's "value" attribute from String to Object, to allow for expressions resolved by JSP 2.0



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