Attend BorCon 2004 for LESS - Take Three!

原创 2004年09月10日 10:51:00

Developer Relations is auctioning off 10 passes to BorCon 2004 on EBay. Bid quickly, as these are sure to sell!

"EBay and Borland have been working together to offer users sophisticated application development tools that tap into the eBay platform," said eBay Technology Evangelist, Jeffrey McManus. "We are absolutely thrilled, and believe it is a testament to our relationship, that Borland is auctioning these five passes to BorCon on eBay."


EBay is a Bronze Sponsor at BorCon 2004.

Also, don't miss Jeffrey McManus' session:

1196  Building eBay Applications with Borland Tools  New Session
Jeffrey McManus — eBay
C#BuilderDelphiJBuilderJ2EEMicrosoft .NET Framework
Type: Regular Session. Level: All.
eBay provides a cross-platform XML-based API to help businesses participate in the eBay marketplace for developers using any language on any platform. eBay provides Software Development Kits for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Java that make it easy for .NET developers to integrate their applications with eBay. In this session, Jeffrey McManus from the eBay Developers Program describes technical implementation details about how developers can integrate their applications with eBay using Borland tools.
Prerequisites: None.
1196 Wednesday, September 15, 2004 — 9:30am - 10:45am
Room: J2
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