原创 2004年12月31日 14:22:00
link: http://webonswing.sourceforge.net/xoops/

is a revolutionary multiple environment application framework that allows you to create web applications in the same way you develope a desktop one. You dont need to use JSP files, special tags, XML files, requests, posts, etc. Everything is Java and pure HTML files that comes directly from the graphic designer.

WebOnSwing is an open source project distributed under LGPL license.

This framework constructs and handles html pages with Swing components, allowing to use MVC architecture and all the facilities provided by Swing in the web.

The main purpose of WebOnSwing is not to provide a migration tool for preexisting Swing applications to a web environment, although you can use this framework to do that kind of tasks. WebOnSwing make a re use of a solid, tested and well known architecture like Swing's one in web developement process.

Provides a powerful template engine that simplify the integration of components and windows with html templates. WebOnSwing templates dont need any special tag and dont have absolutly nothing of logic inside, so you can interchange those in a polimorphic way to create differents skins of your component, pages or entire site, with no recoding.

WebOnSwing default window manager allows the use of modal windows transparently, keeping the stack of windows and each one state within the html page, to be able to reconstruct navigation completely, with no need to maintain any data in the server session. With this aproach passing parameters throught differents windows is easy and dont need a special treatment.

Another interesting feature is the capacity to refresh components, that allows to update single parts of the page which have changed from last request, remarkably lowering to the traffic of the sucesive requirements and increasing the speed of page responses. Also using the automatic refresh feature is possible to simulate the behavior of a desktop application from web, obtaining the differences of the view by periodics polling from client side to server.