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The Store method is called by an application once it has modified the values of a Row. Once Store is called on a Row object, all subsequent queries within the same edit session, using the Geodatabase API, will reflect the modified state of the Row object.

一旦对某个Row对象调用了Store,所有在同一个edit session的查询,用到了Geodatabase API,将要反映这个对象的修改状态.

All edits to features that participate in a Topology or Geometric Network must be performed within an edit session and bracketed within an edit operation.

所有涉及了Topology or Geometric Network的针对Features的编辑,都必须在一个edit session内完成并且被一个edit operation括起来.


Calling the Store method triggers the following actions:

- The IRowEvents::OnChanged is called for the row being stored. The OnNew is called if this is a newly created row being stored for the first time. A custom row object can implement the OnChanged method and take some special action when it is called - for example; update a special column in the row

- The IRelatedObjectEvents::RelatedObjectChanged method is called for related objects in a related object class if the table for this row is an object class that participates in relationship classes with notification

Store should not be used for batch operations, such as updates or inserts.  For performing a number of inserts or updates using cursors, refer to the ITable::Insert, ITable::Update, ITable::UpdateSearchedRows , IFeatureClass::Update andIFeatureClass::Insert.  If an insert or update cursor is used on non-simple features (such as network features), the cursor will revert to using Store.

It is not necessary to explicitly call Connect on network features, this is handled polymorphically when Store is called on the feature. This is also the case with features in a Topology, Dirty Area creation is handled internally when Store is called.

Store should not be called inside of edit events, such as OnCreateFeature, OnChangeFeature or OnDeleteFeature.  Even if you are modifying the geometry or other field values, Store will be called once the event is complete. 



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