ABAP 中的结构体SY

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SY 结构中的成员:

Index   Loops, Current Loop Pass

Pagno  List Creation, Current Page

TABIX  Internal Table, Current Line Index

TFILL  Internal Table, Current number of lines

DBCNT  DB Operations, number of table lines processed

FDPOS  Character strings, offset in character string

COLNO  List Creation, Current Column of list

LINCT List Processing, Page length of list

LINNO List Creation, Current line

LINSZ list creation, width of list

MACOL Print list, columns form set margin statement

MAROW  List printing, lines from set margin statement

TLENG Interal tables, line width

LILLI list processing, current list line

SUBR Return value, Return value after ABAP statements.

CUCOL Screens, horizontal cursor position at PAI

CUROW Screens, vertical cursor position at PAI

LISIND  List Processing, details list index

LISTI  List processing, index of current list

STEPL Screens, current table line index

SROWS Screens, numbers of lines

SCOLS Screens, number of columns

LOOPC Screens, number of lines visible in table

TZONE Data and time, time difference from Greenwich Mean Time

DAYST Date and time, Daylight savings time Indicator

FDAYW  Date and time, factory calendar weekday

LANGU R/3 System. Current language

MODNO R/3 System external modes index

BATCH programming running in background

BINPT Batch input, Programming running under batch input

CALLD ABAP Program, ABAP program call mode

DYNNR ABAP program, number of current screen.

DYNGR ABAP program, screen group of current screen

WTITL list creation, flag for standard page header

CPAGE list processing, current page number

DBMAN ABAP program, related logical database

MANDT R/3 System, client number from logon

PEXPI Print parameters, spool retention period

PRIMM Print parameters, print immediately

PRREL print parameters, delete after printing

PRBIG Print parameters, selection cover page

PRNEW Print parameters, new spool request

PDEST Print Parameters, output device.

PLIST Print parameters, name of spool request

PRDSN Print parameters, name of spool dataset

CALLR Print list, ID for print dialog function

RTITL Print parameters, title of print program

PRREC Print parameters, recipient

PRTXT Print parameters, text for cover page

PRABT Print parameters, department on cover page

PAART print parameters, print formatting

PRCOP Print parameters, number of copies.

DBSYS R/3 System, Name of Central Database System

SYSID Name of SAP R/3 System

OPSYS R/3 System, Operating System of Application Server

PFKEY Screens, current GUI status

SAPRL R/3 System, system release

TCODE ABAP program, current transaction code

UCOMM Screens, function code triggered by PAI

SPONO Print list, spool number

DATUM Date and Time, Current (Application Server) Date

SLSET Selection screens, name of variant

UZEIT Date and Time, Current Application Server Time

UNAME SAP System, User Logon Name

LSTAT List processing, list level IDs

ABCDE Constant: Alphabet (A,B,C,...)

TITLE Screens, title text

LISEL List processing, contents of selected line

ULINE Constants, horizontal line with length 255

CPROG ABAP program, caller in external procedures

LDBPG ABAP program, logical database program

TVAR0 List creation, text variable for headers(there are nine header text)

STACO List processing, initial column displayed

STARO List processing, first line displayed at top

DATAR Screens, display user entry

HOST R/3 System, Name of Application Server

DATLO Date and time, local date of user

TIMLO Date and time, local time for user

ZONLO Date and time, time zone of user







ABAP常用系统变量 sy-

直接在syst结构里面可以找到 abap系统变量 SY-SUBRC: 系统执行某指令后,表示执行成功与否的变量,0表示成功 SY-DBLNT: 被处理过的记录的笔数 SY-UNAME: 当前使...

ABAP SY标签一览表

Description: SY-SUBRC:语句执行后的返回值,0表示成功 SY-DATUM:当前服务器日期 SY-UZEIT:当前服务器时间 SY-ULINE:255长度的水平线 SY-V...

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