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Chapter 2. Markup and Core Concepts

There's a Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson about an unusual chicken ranch. Instead of strutting around, pecking at seed, the chickens are all lying on the ground or draped over fences as if they were made of rubber. You see, it was a boneless chicken ranch.

Just as skeletons give us vertebrates shape and structure, markup does the same for text. Take out the markup and you have a mess of character data without any form. It would be very difficult to write a computer program that did anything useful with that content. Software relies on markup to label and delineate pieces of data, the way suitcases make it easy for you to carry clothes with you on a trip.

This chapter focuses on the details of XML markup. Here I will describe the fundamental building blocks of all XML-derived languages: elements, attributes, entities, processing instructions, and more. And I'll show you how they all fit together to make a well-formed XML document. Mastering these concepts is essential to understanding every other topic in the book, so read this chapter carefully.

All of the markup rules for XML are laid out in the W3C's technical recommendation for XML version 1.0 ( This is the second edition of the original which first appeared in 1998. You may also find Tim Bray's annotated, interactive version useful. Go and check it out at

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The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup

java 中使用dom4j解析含有特殊字符的xml文件出现了如题的错误 这个时候需要在特殊字符外面加上 [html] view plaincopy x...

javascript DOM编程艺术笔记——CH7 creating markup on the fly

动态创建标记 动态创建标记 传统documentwrite innerHTML dom方法createElement createTextNode appendChild insertBefore 重...

XML即可扩展标记语言(Extensible Markup Language)


Professional JS(11.4.4-Markup Insertion/Scrolling/Event Flow/Event Handler/Event Object(part))

1.Markup Insertion(插入标记) ①The innerText property works with all text content contained with an elem...

org.dom4j.DocumentException: Error on line 1 of document : The markup in the document following the

出错记录: org.dom4j.DocumentException: Error on line 1 of document  : The markup in the document followi...

XAML实例教程系列 - 标记扩展(Markup Extensions)


XAML实例教程系列 - 标记扩展(Markup Extensions)

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XML - 可扩展标记语言 (Extensible Markup Language)

XML - 可扩展标记语言 (Extensible Markup Language)XML 是英文 Extensible Markup Language 的缩写,它的中文意思是 "可扩展标记语言"。编...

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