words and expressions from friends

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We're going in

Carol says she and Susan want me to be involved, but if I'm not comfortable with it, I don't have to be involved.. basically it's entirely up to me.

Anyway, they want me to go down to this- sonogram thing with them tomorrow.

What's that curry taste

The big one had a thing for you, didn't she?

Nothing! It's an expression.


Look, I, uh- I realise you guys have been wondering what exactly happened between Carol and me, and, so, well, here's the deal. Carol's a lesbian. She's living with a woman named Susan. She's pregnant with my child, and she and Susan are going to raise the baby.

Well, y'know, these people are pros.

Must pee. (Goes to pee.)

Me either...


My maid of honour, Mindy?!

Yeah, well, uh, we're kind of a thing now.

Oh! Well, um.. (Grabs his forehand) You've got plugs!

Careful! They haven't quite taken yet.


He knows no-one's gonna say all those names, so they'll wind up calling her Geller, then he gets his way!

Friends: New words and expressions

1. omnipotent    Monica: Hey, Joey, what would you do if you were omnipotent?
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使用<s:form>标签出现不能接受任何表达式(action does not accept any express)

According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute action does not accept any expression...
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CodeForces Gym 100735G 二分图匹配

就是给你一个字符串,和一些正方体,每个正方体的六个面上都标有字母或者数字,然后问你能否选一些正方体,通过某种摆放,使得他们摆成一排后组成的那个字符串 据说是裸的二分图匹配,但是我这种智障就是没看出裸来...
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POJ 1035 Spell checker

Description You, as a member of a development team for a new spell checking program, are to write...
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Project Euler:Problem 93 Arithmetic expressions

By using each of the digits from the set, {1, 2, 3, 4}, exactly once, and making use of the four ari...
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1035 Spell checker

 Spell checker Time Limit: 2000MS   Memory Limit: 65536...
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HDU 1213 How Many Tables(并查集,认识的朋友做一块)

How Many Tables Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Other...
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poj 1035 Spell checker 字符串,暴力

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【Codeforces 782 B The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed】+ 二分

B. The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed time limit per test5 seconds memory limit per test256 megab...
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[leetcode] 212. Word Search II 解题报告

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