F1 Melbourne

原创 2006年06月19日 00:19:00
I think about F1 for a long time but never have the time and chance to see it by my own eyes, now it is the chance for me, though cost me more than 70 dollars to buy a shit place. F1 is so cool, and unbelievable noisy. You can not feel it if you not there, so in this point seems Allen have the agreement, who is another poor student cost 70 dollars to buy a shit place just like me.

If the noise is the first symbol of F1, the commercialization should be the second. The corporations took all the good positions beside the track and send the tickets to their business accompanier, their lawyers and so on. The only thing they did is come for the game a little bit late for the lunch then enjoys the game and beers in the fabulous place. For us, we get up 7 am, sit on the wet grass and drink the 5 dollars crap foster, for the foster, I really have no idea why they have so much money to spouse the F1 as their make the so disgusting beer.

So that is it, all the place where can see the F1 car come from the front or to the front all be taken, so we only can enjoy the F1 cars from our left to right or right to left, but it is does not matter, at least I did see the fast car in the world by my own eyes and I can do some neck extremely exercise as well.

You see the picture? It take two laps time for my friend to finsih, just for the car..

By the way, the sun make me looks like an drunkard the next as I did not use any sun scream, the reason why I did not use it is I do think I am a superman..haha.., do not worry, I will not do this stupid stuff anymore.




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