SAP-SD2: Master Data

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SAP-SD2: Master Data


Customer Master Records

You can copy data from several sources into a SO or into another SD document. Most of the data from various sources are default values you can overwrite in the SD document if necessary.

Some of the data sources are as follows:

  • Customer master data
  • Material master data
  • Condition master data
  • Output master data

You can create and maintain conditional master data in the SD master data for automatic pricing. For example, this could be a material price or customer discount.

The customer receives output master data by means of media, such as mail, EDI, or fax. Examples include the printout of a quotation or an order confirmation, an order confirmation using EDI, or invoices by fax.

You can create and maintain control tables in Customizing. You can control the default values of several data in the SD documents, depending on the table settings.

Note: A sales document can serve as a source of data for another sales document. For example, a quotation can serve as a data source for a SO.



Structure of Customer Master

The customer master groups data into the following categories:

  • General data

    The general data is relevant to SD and accounting. It is stored centrally (client-specifically) to avoid data redundancy. It is valid for all organizational levels within a client. Examples of general data include, the customer’s name, address, language, and telephone number.

  • Sales area data

    The sales area data is relevant to SD. It is valid for the respective sales area. For example, some data that is stored in a sales area pertains to order processing, shipping, and billing.

  • Company code data

    The company code data is relevant to accounting. It is valid for the respective company code. Examples of company code data include, the reconciliation account number, payment terms, and dunning procedure.


Partner Functions for the Customer Master

You store the partner functions for the customer master in the customer master sales area data (Partner functions tab page). During SO processing, the system copies the partner functions the documents as default values.

For SO processing, the mandatory partner functions are sold-to party, ship-to party, payer, and bill-to party. While processing a SO, these partner functions can differ from one another or they can be identical.

The following table lists the purposes of mandatory partner functions:



Sold-to party Places the order.
Ship-to party Receives goods or services.
Bill-to party Receives the invoice for goods or services.
Payer Pays the invoice.

Other partner functions, such as contact persons or forwarding agent, are not necessary for SO processing.



Customer-Material Info Record

You can use customer-material information to record data for a combination of specific customers and materials.

When processing a document, if the customer-material information for a customer and material exists, the default values are preferred to the values from the customer or material master.

You can use the customer-material info record to maintain the following data:

  • The cross-reference of your customer’s material number to your material number and the customer’s material description.
  • The specific shipping information for the customer and material (such as delivery tolerances, whether the customer accepts partial deliveries, or the default delivering plant).



Material Master

The basic data is relevant to all areas. It is valid for all organizational levels within a client.

The sales organization data is relevant to SD. It is valid for the respective sales organization and distribution channel.

The sales plant data is also relevant to SD. It is valid for the respective delivery plant.

Additional data relevant to different organizational levels is available for various other areas.




The condition master data includes prices, surcharges, discounts, freights, and taxes.

You can define condition master data (condition records) so that it is dependent on various data. For example, you can establish a customer-specific material price or make a discount dependent on the customer and the material pricing group.



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