一个Open Source 开发人员的简历

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最近在搞hsqldb(一个著名的内存数据库 http://hsqldb.sourceforge.net)的相关开发, 无意中浏览了hsqldb的开发人员,贴出来让大家也瞧一瞧

User Name:

Campbell Boucher-Burnet

Born: Oct 9, 1961
Height: 6'1".
Eyes: grey/w green/blue
Hair: dirty blonde
Build: Athletic (for a programmer). 220 lb.


Obtained an Altair machine.

Learned 8080 Assembler, Altair 8080 operation, PDP 11 programming, HP Basic and card/tape-based batch processing on my Highschool's HP Minicomputer. Did personal projects and work for my highschool (HP batch programming)


Learned Basic, Lisp, Forth, Pascal, Intel Assembler, C/C++.

Attended college and received Applied Scientific Computing diploma.

Worked for Continental Carlisle Douglas Investement Brokers for several years.


Bought a Sinclair Z80 machine.

Did independent Amiga/IBM PC/Macintosh programming.

Bought an Amiga 1000.

Did commercial Dbase programming for small business.

Co-founded Animattic Video Productions Inc.

Bought second Amiga (2000)

Built a 25 MHz 68030 daughter card for second Amiga.

Developed Amiga device drivers for controlling 3/4" UMatic Video recorders, Sony BetaMax commercial-grade cameras, and video switching devices.

Wrote Amiga AREXX glue for coordinating Deluxe Music Construction Set, several multimedia, video, and image editing programs, Imagine raytracing engine, an Amiga 8MB framebuffer addon, a custom storyboarding database that I wrote, and single frame recording through the UMatic device drivers I developed.

Worked as a retail salesperson for one year.

Worked as a retail manager for 1 1/2 years.


Moved to a different city.

Worked as a shipper/receiver

Worked as an inventory controller

Bought first IBM PC compatible computer (Dell XPS 120c).

Learned AutoCAD and AutoLISP.
Learned 3DStudio Max
Leaned Adobe Photoshop
Leaned Adobe Premier
Learned TrueSpace
Learned Microsoft Office and Visual Basic for Applications
Learned Micorsoft Access
Learned Microsoft Internet Information Server
(including Active Server Pages)
Learned Microsoft SQL Server
Learned Microsoft FrontPage
Learned Microsoft Visual Studio EE (C/C++, J++, FoxPro, etc)
Learned HTML/JavaScript/CSS/Applets
Learned many other Win32-based web development systems and software packages.


Attended university in the faculty of science toward a degree in computer science /w math minor.

Bought second IBM PC compatible computer (Dell XPS D333)

Founded Camco & Associates Consulting sole proprietership.

Worked for local government as a programmer/business analyst/technical writer.

Learned Oracle 7/8, including PL/SQL.

Learned HP/UX shell programming and administration, including Oracle 7.x on HP/UX administration.

Learned Sybase PowerBuilder 5, 6.x, and 7, including Powerbuilder Foundation Class (PFC) framework and SuperClass! framework.

Learned Sysbase Enterprise Application Studio and other Sybase products, including:
- PowerSite
- PowerDynamo
- PowerDesigner
- DataArchitect Suite
- O'Reilly WebSite
- Sybase EAServer (Jaguar CTS)
- ObjectCycle versioning system
- Watcom C/C++
- SQL Anywhere

Successfully completed Sysbase courses:
- Mastering Datawindows
- Building Object-Oriented Applications in PowerBuilder

Wrote requirements spec for forms<->database automation module of Dept. of Highways Property Services Information system (PSIS).

Performed PSIS upgrade/maintenance work for several years.

Performed all client consultation, wrote requirments specs, created client software, back-end database software (PL/SQL), and historical data conversion designs, implemented and rolled out designs for Saskatchewan Dept. of Highways Motor Carrier Offence List system (MCOL). Project passed peer review.

Handled all aspects, ranging from client interviews and requirments gathering/specification to design and implementation, for developmenet of Saskatchewan Dept. of Highways Engineering Division Gravel Inventory and Crush Simulation OLTP/OLAP system. Project passed peer review and is in production to present.

Wrote requirments specification for new interface between Saskatchewan Dept.of Justice Land Titles sytem (JAIN) and Saskatchewan Dept. of Highways Property Services Information system (PSIS). Interface was successfully implemented by another consultant, based on my specification.

Learned Java, JFC, and J2EE
Learned Linux/UNIX administration and shell programming.
Learned Perl.
Learned PHP, including a number of PHP IDEs.
Learned openSSL/openSSH,
Learned Netbeans/Forte4J IDE
Learned Oracle JBuilder IDE
Learned Oracle 8i
Learned Apache/Jakarta Tomcat
Learned Cinema 4D XL 5 and 6
Learned Alias|Wavefront Maya 2.
Learned Cakewalk 8/9
Learned Finale 97/2000
Learned CoolEdit 98/2000
Learned Cubase 3/5

Became involved with Bennettarts.com as a web developer with Senzai Corp, the research branch of Bennettarts.com.

Performed maintenance and configuration of sites in the technozone.com family.


Bought a third IBM PC compatible computer.

Upgraded my original Dell XPS 120c computer by installing a new motherboard, power supply, 30 GB 7200RPM hard drive, 500 MHz Athlon, and 512MB SDRAM.

Wired my home with an 8 port ethernet hub and ethernet ports set up in various locations throughout the house. The network currently has five stations, being my three computers plus my sons' and my wifes' computers, all of which I administer.

Developing Java wrapper of DynAPI.
Developing Java JNDI<->hsqldb Adapter.
Developing Java JOS targeted applications and services.
Developing 100% in memory Java 1.1 compliant Applet-based web-desktop using concepts from DynAPI, JNDI, hsqldb, and JOS.
Developing Java J2EE Applications.
Developing Oracle WebDB and IFS applications.
Increasing involvement with HSQLDB, including development and contribution of full DatabaseMetaData facility

Became Core HSQLDB Member

Contributed parametric statement precompilation facility for HSQLDB, achieving 2-3 X performance boost for certain classes of statement.

2003 - present

Returned to work for Gov't of Saskatchewan Corportate Information Services, supporting and developing applications for Dept. of Highways and Dept. of Agriculture & Foods.

Contributing Java Management Extentions framework for HSQLDB

Contributing RA optimizations for HSQLDB

Researching alternate join strategy implementations for HSQLDB.

Skill Inventory

Skill Level Experience
3100 SQL Competent > 10 years
3110 C/C++ Competent > 10 years
3120 Perl Competent 2 yr - 5 yr
3130 PHP Competent 2 yr - 5 yr
3140 Java Competent 5 yr - 10 yr
3900 Other Prog. Lang. Competent > 10 years
7100 UNIX Admin Competent 2 yr - 5 yr
7110 Networking Competent 5 yr - 10 yr
7120 Security Competent 2 yr - 5 yr
7130 Writing Competent > 10 years
7140 Editing Competent > 10 years
7150 Databases Competent > 10 years
7900 Other Skill Area Competent > 10 years
3160 Visual Basic Competent 5 yr - 10 yr
3180 UML Competent 2 yr - 5 yr
3200 HTML/DHTML Competent 5 yr - 10 yr
3210 XML/XPath/XLink/XSL/XSLT Competent 6 Mo - 2 yr
7160 Object Oriented Design Competent > 10 years
7170 Object Oriented Analysis Competent > 10 years
3240 LISP Competent > 10 years
3250 Delphi Competent 5 yr - 10 yr
3260 ASP Competent 5 yr - 10 yr
3310 Ruby Want to Learn < 6 Months



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