A simple truth about happiness 总结

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 A simple truth about happiness 总结
做了一场报告 give a talk 
After I gave a talk on the subject of happiness ,...

This woman enabled me to put into words what I  had been searching for--

I took pleasure in my anguish

I was taking the easy way out

But the opposite is true

it’s necessary to overcome some stumbling blocks

I was a failure in my own eyes.

前妻 监护权
my ex-wife and I shared custody

Whatever your philosophy,it should include this truism9):if you choose to find the positive in virtually every situation,you will be blessed,and if you choose to find the awful ,you will be cursed.

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BZOJ P2127 happiness

这题好难啊QAQ; 我的最小割还是太差了。然后我下面来口胡一下 我们先转化一下,把最大的收益转化成最小的损失,然后通过最小割来算最小的损失 然后我们瞎jb构一下图,设x,y为相邻的两个同学 然后S向x...
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