First match is wonderful!

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      After a long time to wait, the world cup begins at last. I'm a sports fan,especially football. It is always a busy time when the once  four-year gorgeous game is on it's way!

      Since I got to have an interest in football when i was about thirteen ,i knew that i can't leave without it. It's amazing,like some kind of alcoholic. It makes  me crazy when the play i like has played a wonderful game,or the team i like has a big win!

    It's the time when i think i will have a time of happiness and sadness. I don't want to mention the so called "China men football team",because as a team ,the have no chance to enjoy it.  What a pity!

    Last night was the opening ceremony,and the it went the macth between Germany and  Costa Rica. After all the years of loving a team that makes me sad all the time! I do not say loudly that i support which team.I just want to enjoy the excellence of 31 days and all the excellent games. I like some of the young players,they are even younger than me, I wish them goog luck and enjoy their holidays. They are kaka,messi,Fabregas,Tim Borowski.....


First Match Wins

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Wonderful Life

          很快就要回到武汉,进行毕业答辩.最近的生活总是在一种随意中度过的,甚至可以说是清闲中度过的.可以自由地学习自己喜欢的技术和思想.我感到非常地自由.         知人者智,自知者...
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"You Are Wonderful!"

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Wonderful life

Wonderful rhythm, wonderful melody.
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