A Vanguard Guide to Etiquette, Tips, and Common Information for FFA

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This article is A Vanguard Guide to Etiquette, Tips, and Common Information for FFA, which is collected from vanguardvault web site. All credit to them. We just want to help the Vanguard online players.



This guide is intended to give beginners some basics and tips to get them started at PvP on the Free For All server, Tharridon.


Free for All Server Rule Set

Minimum level 7 to PvP

20% soft level difference - while your ability to attack someone above the minimum level is unrestricted, if you are more than 20% of

Their level higher than them, they suffer no penalty and you gain no reward.

15% coin loot

PvE item durability is disabled on ability activation and PvP death causes a chance for each equipped item to take a large hit.

Realeasing your spirit after a PvP death takes you to your bind point. You will not drop a corpse.


Common Terms to Know

A camper is someone who camps a location, such as a quest NPC or quest location, hunting grounds, towns, roads, corpses, etc. They generally have nothing better to do and will spend copious amounts of time waiting for you to come back just to kill you all over again!


Ahh yes, the carebear term. Made popular by the "Hardcore" Player killers, a carebear is someone who does not practice these play styles. A "carebear" may be friendlier towards other players, assist them, and definitely not kill them on sight just for pleasure. They will often focus their attention on non-PVP aspects unless confronted by a player killer. Carebear can have multiple meanings, but the general form is a non-hardcore PvP'er on a PvP server.


Gank or Ganking
When you are “ganked” you’ve been attacked by two or more players at the same time. [edit]Griefer
A griefer is someone who gets pleasure from the aggravation or grief he may cause you, whether it be from talking trash or camping your quest location. He’s out to make your game experience as miserable as he can.


Infamy is your PVP “rank” so to speak. The higher the infamy you have, the more skilled you will appear to other players. Every time you kill someone you will gain a percentage of their Infamy. Depending on how high it is, you can gain a relatively large boost to your infamy by killing a “skilled” player.


PK, or Player Killer, is someone who attacks all non friends/guildie/allies on sight. This includes all level ranges. They will generally go out of their way to kill you.


Pending Features

These are features that have not yet been implemented.


Currently, there is no looting in Vanguard. However, you will drop your coins! If the player who kills you is within 20% of your level, you will lose 15% of your coins!



This is a very touchy subject in PvP but let’s give it a shot!


It is not polite, no matter HOW entertaining it may be, to camp lower levels’ quest givers and popular hunting spots! You will not gain any infamy or coins by killing players below 20% of your level so don’t do it unless you wish to be branded a PKer, thus making yourself “kill on sight” by many.


There is generally an uneasy peace among your fellow players and it is wise to maintain this peace unless you’re looking for a truly interesting existence in Telon. If you become hated or a well known killer it will be very difficult to find groups. You may also have to put up with constant battles, which will make leveling and progressing in the game even more difficult.


Since it is a PvP server it would be pointless without PVP! The best way to deal with getting your fill is to keep within your level ranges for battles. So by all means attack anyone you wish, but also use judgment before doing so as it may come back and bite you.


Now I know many hardcore player killers will consider the above statement to be “carebearish”, which it is to an extent. However, there is no reason to ruin another gamers’ experience just so you can have the pleasure of beating them to a lifeless pulp with your higher level weapons and spells. Give them a chance! Remember you were once one of them.



These are just some simple suggestions to make PvP a little bit less intimidating.


If you are a newcomer to the game and just hit level 7, you must beware of all other players above level 7. They are all potential foes. Remember this while questing because first they may ignore you, but as soon as you engage in combat against a monster they might just take the opportunity to throw a nuke or shoot an arrow at you for a quick kill.


Be mindful of your surroundings! Many objects can become shields for you, such as a house, trees, or even rocks! Most spells and projectile weapons will not hit you if you are not in direct sight! While many consider this cheap, I call it survival! After awhile the attacker will get bored and give up and you will be alive with all your coins.


Mounts! Beware that you will most likely not outrun a spell or even a melee attack on your lower level mount. If you see a potential foe, dismount and prepare for battle. You will lose valuable time if you remain mounted during an attack.


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Source from vanguardvault

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