Installing GCC

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Installing GCC

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This document describes the generic installation procedure for GCC as well as detailing some target specific installation instructions.

GCC includes several components that previously were separate distributions with their own installation instructions. This document supersedes all package specific installation instructions.

Before starting the build/install procedure please check the host/target specific installation notes. We recommend you browse the entire generic installation instructions before you proceed.

Lists of successful builds for released versions of GCC are available at These lists are updated as new information becomes available.

The installation procedure itself is broken into five steps.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Downloading the source
  3. Configuration
  4. Building
  5. Testing (optional)
  6. Final install

Please note that GCC does not support `make uninstall' and probably won't do so in the near future as this would open a can of worms. Instead, we suggest that you install GCC into a directory of its own and simply remove that directory when you do not need that specific version of GCC any longer, and, if shared libraries are installed there as well, no more binaries exist that use them.

There are also some old installation instructions, which are mostly obsolete but still contain some information which has not yet been merged into the main part of this manual.


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