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A Brief History of the Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene The grounds and area surrounding the Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene (MHCP) are steeped in history. The original 380 acre site was chosen by Governor John Graves Simcoe as a naval and military base to protect the Upper Great Lakes from American threats in the aftermath of the War of 1812. Perched at the entrance of Penetanguishene Harbour , the site retains its commanding view of Severn Sound. (During the 1960's about 60 acres were turned into a historical park to preserve the early history of the site.) Carving a military site out of the bush led to further development in the region. The beginnings of a town sprung up on the harbour to service the lumber trade, farming and the military - including a pub which was probably located on the edge of the current hospital grounds. A number of Victorian heroes such as Sir John Franklin (who later perished in an ill-fated search for the Northwest Passage ) visited the military site until it was decommissioned and turned over to the Government of Upper Canada in 1855. The Boys Reformatory of Upper Canada was established in the abandoned barracks in 1859, continuing the economic link between the local people and government institutions. The barracks were consumed by fire in 1870, so the location of the reformatory was moved up the hill and a new building was constructed with the boys providing the labour. Stones from the old barracks were used as a foundation and new stone was taken from Quarry Island in Severn Sound. The resulting structure, currently known as the MHCP Administration Building , is the oldest on the grounds and one of several registered historic sites. How did the grounds eventually become a major psychiatric hospital? By 1904 it was clear that, for a number of reasons, the Boys Reformatory was not suitably located in Penetanguishene. The remaining boys were scattered to other provincial institutions or community placements and the building was converted into an "asylum for the insane." The first Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Phillip Spohn, was also the first Reeve of the Town of Penetanguishene . An extensive farming program carried out by the patients made the institution self-sufficient in food production - in fact it provided meat and produce for other provincial institutions. (The demands of modern therapy and a shrinking patient population led to the phasing out of the farm program in the mid-1960's). Most staff members lived on the grounds either in residential sections of the larger buildings or in white clapboard houses, some of which have been preserved as historic sites or active treatment areas. The Superintendent lived in the large Victorian mansion on the edge of the grounds which is now the Georgianwood Addiction Centre. The mansion, also a registered historical site, has the best view of Penetanguishene harbour and was once graced with a lawn tennis court. Dr. Barry Boyd, the last man to call the mansion home, retired as Medical Director in 1978. Since 1974, MHCP has had a separate Administrator and Medical Director (now called Psychiatrist-in-Chief). All staff now live off the grounds.


How to Improve Students' Mental Health?

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mental health

Since 1995, Internet Mental Health has provided information on m...
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Maya Mental Ray 阴影 采样 效果对比

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mental ray透明贴片无法渲染问题解决

因为项目里要渲染一些序列图的贴片模型 因为不需要写实又要快速,直接用mental ray渲染 但是两个透明贴图放在一起时居然没法渲染 还以为是设置或者图片模型出现问题了 后来发现是mental ray...
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Mental ray 的建筑渲染Arch&Design材质

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浅谈Mental Ray渲染引擎并行性机制

最近一段时间过的很充实,抽周末时间总结一下自己所学渲染技术的心得体会,希望可以帮助需要此知识的朋友,也作为备忘录以供查阅。 在图形学领域,提高渲染效率及渲染时间,从而得到更好的交互体验,是每个技术人员...
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cluster health

cluster health API能够得到一个非常简单的集群健康状态。 $ curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/_cluster/health?pretty=tru...
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基于光线追踪的Mental Ray鱼眼镜头的编程实现

基于光线追踪的Mental Ray鱼眼镜头的编程实现作者:华文广                                                                    ...
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