i can say ABC(2006-6-15)

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1: commerical film 商业片, commerical bank 商业银行

2:Break it up   (有停下来,还有把事情分割开来的意思!!(divide a task)) 

   "break it up " is another way of saying stop what you're doing , it can also mean to divide a tast

    that's a huge project, if we break it up,we'll finish faster

3 : cold blooded

    if someone is referred to as "cold blooded", it means they are deceitful heartless and selfish

4: turn my back

    as soon as i turn my back, i know that you're gonna steal my job 我就知道你掂记着我的职位

 every time i ask you for help, you turn your back on me. why?每次向你求助,你一点也不理采我,为什么。

5:"hot stuff" means somebody or something that is really impressive attractive or exciting

    come on hot stuff, don't playing too hard on your hair, we'll be late

   wow!! that cell phone sure is hot stuff, it has so many new features

6:if someone says "you'll aways have next year" they are trying to make you feel better by saying you'll

have another chance

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