i can say ABC(2006-06-23)

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1: stuff

   EG: Are you hungry? i could stuff a whole chicken down my stomach right now

2:put sb on the spot 让某人难堪,使下不了台

    you are really putting me on the spot by asking me for money. i don't have that much righ now either

3:kick sb out 哄某人出去

   my girlfriend kicked me out of the apartment when she found out i was cheating on her.

4: no beggie 没什么大不了的事。

5:spill 把自己的内心世界讲给别人听。。。。

      juny was so upset about fight. she had with her husband. she had to spill all the details to her husband.

6:on glue  骂某人脑子进水了。犯傻

     she must have been on glue to wear that dress to the party , i makes her look so bad.

7:come on,be serious 现实点

    come on ,be serious you cann't really slam duck a basket ball

8: splatter movie 暴力片

 9:i blew it 把事干杂了

    i really wanted to go to law school, but i blew the exams. i cann't get in right now

10: talk sb out of sth 说服某人不要做什么事情

    David wants to drop out of school. i'm trying to talk him out of it.

11: a good look for sb 什么东西适合你,穿起来像。。。

    that jacket makes you. look like a rock star. it's a good look for you. it's so cool.

12: a cardinal rule 最基本的原则

   the first cardinal rule of driving . is that you must obey all trafic lights

13: a little bell goes off in your mind 突然想起一件事情

  how could you forget to watch action english ! that's our pragram. didn't a bell go off in you mind to remind you?

14: i don't even know who you are any more 我不都不知道你是谁了

    first you told me you're from american and then you said you're from canda. Now i find out you're from

  australina. i don't even know who you are anymore....


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