i can say ABC(2006-6-26)

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1:boogie 伴随着音乐跳舞

   EG:wom, that girl sure knows how to boogie!she's got great moves

   EG:i love this song! let's boogie

2:time is running out.   没时间啦

  EG:the test is tomorrow night! and i haven't even started studying, time is runing out

3:make it easy on sb 让某人觉得事情简单些,放你一马

   EG:i'll make it easy on you ,if you promise to be on time for work from now on. i won't fire you for being late today

4: you're nuts  你有病啊,你发疯了

   are you nuts? you can't go out dancing tonight. you have a big test in the money.

5:you know what i mean 你懂我的意思吗

   i have a hard time studying for GMAT, it makes me very nervous. you know what i mean?

  EG: i don't like that girl. she never helps her mother around the house. she's very selfish. you know what i mean

6: dropped me 把你给抛弃

    as soon as i told my girlfriend that i didn't have a lot of money. she dropped me

7: a hot idea 非常棒的建议

   i have a hot idea--why don't we pack a lunch and go to the beach today? won't that be fun!!

8: no kidding 当然,很显然

we have to buy mom a present for her birthday . ya no kidding

9: that's close 真够险

wom!! that's close my girlfriend almost saw me talking to another girl

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