Replace Template and delete the tables in the drawing

原创 2015年11月19日 13:08:31

ProError UserReplaceTemplate()
    ProMdl curMdl;
    proErr = ProMdlCurrentGet(&curMdl);  //The drawing model
    ProMdl format;
    proErr = ProMdlLoad(L"J:\\workdir\\12791530\\new\\a3_asm_xmy.frm.2", PRO_MDL_UNUSED, PRO_B_FALSE, &format);
    ProDwgtable *tables = NULL;
    proErr = ProDrawingTablesCollect(static_cast<ProDrawing>(curMdl), &tables);
    int tableQty = 0;
    proErr = ProArraySizeGet(tables, &tableQty);
    ProBoolean isFromFormat = PRO_B_FALSE;
    for (int i = 0; i < tableQty; ++i)
        proErr = ProDwgtableIsFromFormat(&tables[i], &isFromFormat);
        if (PRO_B_TRUE == isFromFormat)
            proErr = ProDwgtableDelete(&tables[i], 0);
    proErr = ProDrawingFormatAdd(static_cast<ProDrawing>(curMdl), 0, NULL, format, 0);
    proErr = ProWindowRepaint(PRO_VALUE_UNUSED);
    proErr = ProArrayFree(reinterpret_cast<ProArray *>(&tables));
    return proErr;


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