yum 命令 update 与 upgrade 的区别

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man yum ,以及测试(centos 6.4版本)后,我认为,update 与 upgrade 并没有实质性的区别。网上说:

yum -y update
yum -y upgrade


       update If run without any packages, update will update every currently installed package.  If one or more packages or package globs are specified, Yum will only update the  listed
              packages.  While updating packages, yum will ensure that all dependencies are satisfied. (See Specifying package names for more information) If the packages or globs speci-
              fied match to packages which are not currently installed then update will not install them. update operates on groups, files, provides and filelists just like the "install"

              If  the  main  obsoletes configure option is true (default) or the --obsoletes flag is present yum will include package obsoletes in its calculations - this makes it better
              for distro-version changes, for example: upgrading from somelinux 8.0 to somelinux 9.

              Note that "update" works on installed packages first, and only if there are no matches does it look for available packages. The difference is most noticeable  when  you  do
              "update foo-1-2" which will act exactly as "update foo" if foo-1-2 is installed. You can use the "update-to" if you’d prefer that nothing happen in the above case.

              Is the same as the update command with the --obsoletes flag set. See update for more details.


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