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accuse - v. to say a person is responsible for an act or crime; to make a statement
against someone 
activist - n. one who seeks change through action 
aggression - n. an attack against a person or country; the violation of a country's
ally - n. a nation or person joined with another for a special purpose
ambassador - n. a nation's highest diplomatic representative (to another
ammunition - n. the bullets or shells fired from guns 
anarchy - n. a lack of order; lawlessness 
ancestor - n. a family member from the past
anniversary - n. a yearly celebration or observance of an event that happened in the
appeal - v. to take to a higher court, person or group for a decision; to call on
somebody for help 
archeology - n. the scientific study of past human life and activities 
artillery - n. big guns 
astronaut - n. a person who travels in space
astronomy - n. the scientific study of stars and the universe 
asylum - n. political protection given by a government to a person from another
atmosphere - n. the gases surrounding any star or planet 


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