Computer Word -- Oracle DB 1

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Computer Word -- Oracle DB


cluster :串,群  |  clusterware :软件集群

Automated Storage Management ASM : 自动存储管理

AWR : 自动工作负载信息库

ADDM:  自动数据库诊断监控程序

OEL :  Oracle Enterprise Liunx    | Enterprise : 企业, 事业, 计划, 事业心, 进取心, 干事业
OEM :  Oracle Enterprise Manager

应用:Application   | 系统:System | 存储:Storage  | 网络:Network  | 架构: Architecture (建筑学)

Diagnostic and Tuning     Diagnostic:诊断  Tuning:调整
Configuration Management  Configuration: 构造, 结构, 配置, 外形



Distributed Lock Manager DLM:分布式锁管理

Parallel Cache Management:并行高速存储管理

Cache Fusion:缓存融合

ASM(Automatic Storage Management):自动存储管理

Regular Expressions : 正则表达式 regexp_like  regexp_instr  regexp_replace  regexp_substr

Because of a power outage : outage停电

recovery :恢复

inactive :停止的、非活动的

Study Guide :guide指导

Which statement is true about ***** ? 哪一个陈述是对的。。。

subsequent :后来的

RMAN备份 :Recovery Manager

perform :  执行,完成任务

generate : 产生/发生
You backed up the control file to trace. Which statement is true about the trace file generated.

Oracle Universal Installer :oracle通用安装程序

accomplish : 实现 What does this scripts accomplish?

one of your critical applications :关键应用之一

the database is backed up at regular intervals -- at regular intervals : 定期

without your intervention :无需你的干预

achieve the objective :达到这个目标 -- What should you do to achieve the objective?                      

Database Configuration Assistant(DBCA) :数据库配置助手

The application development team :应用程序开发团队

for different purposes :为不同的目的

individual :单独的    degrade performance : 降低性能
The loading of individual procedures or functions into memory degrades performance with every call。

cause : 引起、导致  security : 安全
it causes a security problem for 。。。

recommend to : 交付
Which method would you recommend to the application developers to solve this problem?

instead of :代替

view the exhibit :参观展览

perform :执行   activity : 活动
you perform the following activities: 你执行下列活动

Flexible 灵活的 architecture 体系结构
Oracle Grid Architecture is used for rac
Oracle的最佳灵活体系结构(Optimal Flexible Architecture,简称OFA),

threshold value :临界值,阈值    below the threshold value。

Oracle's memory structure consists of two memory areas known as:
System Global Area(SGA): Allocated at instance start up,and is a
fundamental component of an oracle instance.
Program Global Area(PGA): Allocated when the server process is started.

synchronize : 同步

analysis : 分析报告  As a result of performance analysis : 性能分析的结果

consistency :一致性  Data files and online redo log files are checked for consistency while opening the database

prevent :阻止
constraint :约束
It prevents insert, update, and delete operations on the table while the constraint is in the process of being enabled.

log Switch : 日志切换

Change Vector : 改动向量

MAA : oracle最高可用体系结构 Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture

ASM : Oracle Automatic Storage Management



MyEclipse使用DB Browser连接Oracle数据库

1、打开DB Browser 2、右击空白处new 3、填写数据库信息
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1.环境、操作平台  Windows7 64位,Anaconda3,Python3.5;2.下载wiki中文语料(由于语料较大建议使用迅雷下载)  下载地址为:
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