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7. Understanding Characteristics of AvailableBandwidth in Wireless Environment(链路带宽)


The 2nd InternationalConference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies

 这篇文章主要研究的是商用无线网络的一些特性。三个特性:无线网的瓶颈带宽主要在Internet edge;下行可用带宽比上行可用带宽larger;可用带宽relatively persistent and piecewisestationary。

[1] reveals that the tightlink of a home wireless broadband environment is usually on the edge of theInternet [1], but does not investigate commercial wireless environment such asuniversity and airport wireless infrastructure

[2] explores thefundamental metrics that determine end user throughput in 802.11 wirelessnetworks, but it does not look into the bandwidth variance features

[3] investigates the characteristicsof wireless networks in terms of beacon signal strengths, with littleconsideration to wireless bandwidth characteristics as proposed here.

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8. WBest: a Bandwidth Estimation Tool for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks(链路带宽)

Conference:Local Computer Networks (C)

This paper presents a new Wireless Bandwidth estimationtool, WBest, designed for fast, non-intrusive, accurate estimation of availablebandwidth in IEEE 802.11 networks WBest is a twostage algorithm: 1) a packetpair technique estimates the effective capacity over a flow path where the lasthop is a wireless LAN (WLAN); and 2) a packet train technique estimatesachievable throughput to infer the available bandwidth.

9. A Measurement Study ofBandwidth Estimation in IEEE 802.11g Wireless LANs Using the DCF


International Federation for Information Processing(IFIP,2008)

Use the distributedcoordination function,模型假设为first-comefirst-serve scheduling be expected to report the fair bandwidth share of a newflow rather than the available bandwidth

带宽估计的理论上的23 24 22 25经验值 29 30

可用带宽估计方法12 10 27 30 26

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