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App Annie 是全球最大的移动应用战略决策平台,为开发商与发行商提供开发、销售和投资应用需要了解的全部信息。超过80万应用使用App Annie追踪其表现,超过40万移动应用专业人士(包括94%的100强发行商)依赖App Annie帮助其做出明智的商业决策,这些企业包括 Electronic Arts、Google、LinkedIn、LINE、微软、耐克森 (Nexon)、雀巢、三星、腾讯、Bandai Namco、环球影业 (Universal Studios) 和道琼斯 (Dow Jones)。App Annie 是一家私有的跨国公司,总部位于美国旧金山,在阿姆斯特丹、北京、伦敦、纽约、首尔和东京等全球12个城市设有办公室。公司已从e.Ventures、Greycroft Partners、IDG Capital Partners、Institutional Venture Partners和Sequoia Capital筹集到了9400万美元的融资。  
我们以位于三里屯SOHO的顶级办公环境+竞争性的薪酬+六险一金+股票期权计划+近乎完美的福利报销制度(最新式的MacBook Air/Pro +健身费+宽带费+探亲费+学习鼓励费等)诚邀您的加盟!       
App Annie在全球有8个据点,员工们说着18种语言,经常来往于世界各地。她选择住在北京和旧金山,因为她喜欢和数据怪才们共度时光。       
Annie沉迷于数据,吸引了IDG、Greycroft、红杉资本、、Infinity Venture Partners等重量级风险投资人。       
Salary Range:250K+ (negotiable)     
The Role    
We’re looking for an experienced developer who can lead teams and create innovative new products in the analytics and data space. You will lead the development team that creates the world's #1 Apple App Store analytics service. Together with the team you will build out new product features and applications using agile methodologies and open source technologies. You will work directly with the Director of Product and Director of Engineering, and will be on the front lines of coding new and exciting mobile app analytics products. You should be passionate about what you do and excited to join an entrepreneurial start--up.    
You should be a strong engineer with significant experience in back--end system design, profiling and optimization (database / software design). You’ve worked at companies before at a management level and therefore know what it takes to lead, manage, mentor and train.    
5+ years computer development experience, or less experience if exceptional skills combined with a Computer Science degree    
Good communication skills with management experience    
Great mentor to junior and mid level engineers    
Passionate about and good understanding of development methodologies such as XP, Scrum and RUP    
Strong knowledge of Linux    
Good working knowledge of at least 2 of the following topics:    
Programming languages: Python (preferred) or C#, Java, PHP, Ruby    
Browser technologies: HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery    
DB development: PostgreSQL or other server database    
High performance computing: in--memory database, cloud computing, caching optimization techniques, cluster management, etc    
Data mining: statistics and data visualization (R, SPSS, SAS, Matlab, Mathematica, pandas, Tableau), analytics databases (Vertica, Sybase IQ, etc.)    
You must be a great problem solver, with the ability to dive deeply into complex problems and emerge with clear and pragmatic solutions    
Good English spoken and written skills. You will need to be able to work with Western managers in a bilingual environment.    
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