Object-Oriented Project Management with UML

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Object-Oriented Project Management with UML

Murray R. Cantor

Design Tool Providers

Successful implementation of the techniques discussed in this book requires object design tools. As I discuss in Chapter 4, object tools allow your team to specify and capture the static and dynamic UML artifacts.

Of course, each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, as each provider has focused on different features. Since the tool market is so competitive, each provider is aggressively improving their product. Below you will find links to their Web pages and the latest information.

In Chapter 4, I propose some detailed criteria you should apply when choosing an object design tool. Some general considerations include:

  • Facilitation of the controlled iteration lifecycle delineated in the text
  • Correct and complete support of the most recent UML specification
  • Company stability--will the company be around in the future to protect your investment in the tool?

There may be more features such as repository support, links to special interfaces, and the line that will affect your choice.

  • Rose is reportedly the most widely adopted object design tool. Rose is produced by Rational Software. Rational has taken a leadership position in the UML community. Its staff has generated much of the UML specification. Three of the pioneers of object technology, Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, and James Rambaugh, are on the Rational staff. Rose, by design, supports the development techniques discussed in the book. Recently Rose has been integrated into Rational Suite. Each member of the Suite, is a bundled set of integrated; tools chosen to support specific team members. The Suite consists of Analyst Studio, Developer Studio, and Test Studio.

    Design Utilities

    • Blueprint Technologies has a variety of Rose add-ins to support object analysis and design, particularly of database applications.  Among their tools is the Use Case Model Generator which supports the use case flow methodology found in Chapter 6.

    Estimation Tools

    There are a variety of size and effort estimation tools available in the market. Most involve proprietary models.

    • SoftSt*r is the one tool from Softstar Systems that I prefer. It provides a commercial implementation of the COCOMO model discussed in Chapter 4. Their Web site contains useful information on COCOMO.


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