How to prepare the Good Presenation

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Prepare for your PresentationPractice class


Follow these instructions to prepare foryour upcoming Presentation Practice class.



1.    Choose your presentation.

Choose or create a presentation to share with the class. Ideally, this should be a presentation that you plan to use on-the-job sometime during the next few months. If not, either use a presentation that you’ve given recently, or create a new one for the session.

·         Time your presentation to be at least 5 minutes long. If it is longer, choose one 5 minute section to share from the presentation.

·         Make sure that your presentation deck contains at least four slides, created in either PowerPoint or Lotus Symphony.

·         Bring your laptop to class with your deck and appropriate software to display it. It’s a good idea to bring an extra copy of your deck on a USB stick incase of technical problems.

·         Bring a printout of your speaker notes so that you can show your slides full-screen and not have to refer to your laptop to remind you what to say next.

2.    Practice your presentation.

Practice your presentation at least twice with a friend or colleague (if possible).

·         Make sure your presentation’s structure is clear.

·         Look for ways to vary your vocal delivery.

·         Include stories, metaphors, and images where appropriate.

·         Plan a few simple physical movements to vary your delivery (if presenting face-to-face).

·         Make sure your slide designs are clean, clear, and uncluttered.


3.    Prepare to answer these questions.

Have answers ready for the following questions when you begin your presentation:

·         What is your name?

·         What is your job role?

·         What is your topic today?

·         Who is the target audience for your presentation?

·         Which of the following objectives apply to your presentation?

o   Help your audience gain knowledge.

o   Encourage your audience to take action.

o   Make your audience feel something emotionally.

4.    Prepare to receive feedback from the class.

After you give your 10 minute presentation, you’ll receive suggestions from other participants and your facilitator in the following areas:

·         Your presentation’s structure.

·         Your voice intonation (how you used your voice).

·         Your choice of words and images.

·         Your physical movements (applicable to face-to-face presentations only).

·         Your slide designs.



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