Porn star goes Down Under

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JENNA Jameson, dubbed the Queen of Porn, is planning a visit to Australia after falling for the romantic and flowing couture of Perth designer Aurelio Costarella.

Better known as Ray, the designer confesses he knows celebrity sells in the US.

He said he was thrilled the blonde vixen, who has been called the world's most famous porn star, sat front row when he unveiled his exquisite collection at New York Fashion Week.

In a blockbuster show in the ornate surrounds of Manhattan's Prince George Ballroom, Costarella delighted his porn star guest and a bevy of fashionistas with his intricate flowing silk designs in subtle oyster colours - pinks, ivories and black.

Jameson said she fell for the designs six months ago while doing a magazine shoot in an Aurelio Costarella gown.

"I had no idea who had designed it but I was like 'I want this dress'," she said.

"I called him and I was like, listen: 'I love your stuff, please, please dress me and he was very into it - so here I am'."

She said she would "definitely visit Australia" - lured by the designer.

"Ray is exactly why. He kind of opened my eyes," she said.

Jameson wore a sequined black Aurelio Costarella design to the show.

"He really designs for a woman, things that are wearable, things that are sexy. This is something I could dance the night away in," she said.

The Aurelio Costarella label is no stranger to celebrity and has collected celebrity endorsements from singer Rihanna and actresses Sharon Stone and Dita Von Teese. His designs will grace the cover of next month's US Cosmopolitan.

Jameson is the star of such porn titles as Jenna Depraved, The Devil in Miss Jones (2005) and Jenna Does Carmen.



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