Java Testing and Design - 3. Acknowledgments

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"No man is an island," so said the English poet John Donne. In my experience writing this book, I learned that no book is an island either. This book is the culmination of thousands of people's work to improve the way we build and test Web-enabled application software. Each of you provided your feedback, comments, and suggestions. For me the experience has been richly rewarding. I hope it will be rewarding for you too.

There are many people who I would like to specifically highlight for their contributions. My lovely wife, Lorette, supported me on all those sleepless nights and with her thoughts and opinions on how the book should be structured.My children, Jack and Madeline, missed many nights and weekends with me as I disappeared down that rabbit-hole of a home office. Thank you, and I love you more than molasses.

Geoff Lane came up with the original idea to put my test tool, TestMaker, into open-source distribution. He architected the Test Object Oriented Library (TOOL) in TestMaker and continues to provide his brilliant thought to the project. Because of his technical editing I covered new subjects and expanded coverage throughout the book.

Todd Bradfute has become my major collaborator in TestNetwork, a commercialversion of TestMaker. His feedback and designs for a distributed test environment have helped this book greatly.

Darin MacBeath of Elsevier found the problems with SOAP RPC scalability that are highlighted in this book. To my knowledge Darin’s designs for a next-generation content publishing engine that uses SOAP as a means to publish APIs was the first SOAP-based Web service in production.

Alan Cooper taught me the Goal-Directed interaction-design method he invented and encouraged me to write this book.

For helping me deliver this book: Marc Farley (mentor), Carole McClendon (agent), Karen McLean (editor), and Jeff Mason (coxswain). The technical editors provided excellent feedback: Christian J. Hessler, Eben Hewitt, and John Mueller. The readers provided their insight: Paul Gerken and Philbert Canon.

For encouraging me to write this book, my late Aunt Betsy Hilbert, herself published many times over.

For their support of TestMaker I thank: Eric Brown, Farooq Kahn, Ronald Tschaler, Linda Bissum, and Bao Nguyen at 2Wire; Dileep Kumar, Madhu Konda, Rohit Valia, Robin Smith, and Deborah Andrade of the SunONE team at Sun Microsystems; Phil Goodwin and Jeff Sutor on the Java engineering team at Sun Microsystems; Michael Smith, Eric Stahl, Scott Regan, Sam Ramji, Samir Kothari, Michael Bamford, Michael Smith, and Andrew Sliwkowski at BEA Systems; Karen Lee, Deborah Magid, Rod Smith, Rawn Shah, and John Swanson at IBM. PJ Murray and Robert Schneider at CapeClear; Robert Scoble at Userland; Rossana Muriel and Ernest Semerda at AMP.

Many individuals helped to shape this book, including Raymond R. Leiter, Morris Hoodye, Keyton Weissinger, Todd Green, Jim Schacterle, Brigitte Gwin, Tom Clements, John Duhring, Norman Cohen, Danny Berlin, Alex Sarellano, and a good many others who I have foolishly not mentioned here.

Finally, thank you to you for your interest in this book. Buying this book puts food on my family table and keeps me going to improve my tools, techniques, and methods. I appreciate your interest and hope the experience is rewarding for you personally and professionally.

You are about to hear from me, I would like to hear from you. Please write or email me at and tell me what you thought about this book, and about testing and building scalable Web-enabled applications in general. Let me know your contact information (including email address) and I will keep you informed about my current and future work, new products and services, and new books and articles.

Also from Frank Cohen

  • Automating Web Tests Using TestMaker, 2003, PushPress, Author
  • Java Web Services Unleashed, SAMS Publishing, 2002,Contributing Author
  • Java P2P Unleashed, SAMS Publishing, 2002, Editor and Contributing Author

For a full listing of publications, articles, and various ramblings, point your browser to


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