Delphi 's news-DevCo Name Rush

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DevCo Name Rush

Wow, names are flooding in! Some really good ideas, and some uh... “interesting“ ones. Tons of passion and creativity! We're getting Greek mythology, double meanings, root words, plays on “Borland“, plays on “Delphi“, concatenated programming terms, you name it we're getting it. There must have been a rush on dictionaries and thesauruses (thesauri?) at B&N this week. We probably bumped the traffic at Wikipedia as well. Thanks to everyone for all the interest, keep em coming! We'll post a list of the best in QC a few weeks and get some opinion voting going as well.

Keep in mind a registerable or reasonably purchasable .COM domain is going to be a requirement. Hyphens, funny alternative spellings, etc aren't ideal. Makes it tougher doesn't it? This is fun. :o)

PS - sorry, we can't use “Broland”

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