Magic debug values

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Code Description
..FACADE "Facade", Used by a number of RTOSes
1BADB002 "1 bad boot"Multiboot header magic number[13]
A5A5A5A5 Used in embedded development because the alternating bit pattern (1010 0101) creates an easily recognized pattern on oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.
A5 Used in FreeBSD's PHK malloc(3) for debugging when /etc/malloc.conf is symlinked to "-J" to initialize all newly allocated memory as this value is not a NULL pointer or ASCII NUL character.
ABABABAB Used by Microsoft's debug HeapAlloc() to mark "no man's land" guard bytes after allocated heap memory.[14]
ABADBABE "A bad babe", Used by Apple as the "Boot Zero Block" magic number
ABBABABE "ABBA babe", used by Driver Parallel Lines memory heap.
ABADCAFE "A bad cafe", Used to initialize all unallocated memory (Mungwall, AmigaOS)
0DEFACED "Defaced", Required by Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor to be used by Linux guests as their "guest signature", after changing from original 0xB16B00B5
BAADF00D "Bad food", Used by Microsoft's debug HeapAlloc() to mark uninitialized allocated heap memory


BADBADBADBAD "Bad bad bad bad"Burroughs large systems "uninitialized" memory (48-bit words)
BADC0FFEE0DDF00D "Bad coffee odd food", Used on IBM RS/6000 64-bit systems to indicate uninitialized CPU registers
BADDCAFE "Bad cafe", On Sun MicrosystemsSolaris, marks uninitialised kernel memory (KMEM_UNINITIALIZED_PATTERN)
BBADBEEF "Bad beef", Used in WebKit[clarification needed]
BEEFCACE "Beef cake", Used by Microsoft .NET as a magic number in resource files
CAFED00D "Cafe dude", Used by Java for their pack200 compression
CAFEFEED "Cafe feed", Used by Sun MicrosystemsSolaris debugging kernel to mark kmemfree() memory
CCCCCCCC Used by Microsoft's C++ debugging runtime library and many DOS environments to mark uninitialized stack memory. CC resembles the opcode of theINT 3 debug breakpoint interrupt on x86 processors.
CDCDCDCD Used by Microsoft's C/C++ debug malloc() function to mark uninitialized heap memory, usually returned from HeapAlloc()[14]
D15EA5E "Disease", Used as a flag to indicate regular boot on the Nintendo GameCube and Wii consoles
DDDDDDDD Used by MicroQuill's SmartHeap and Microsoft's C/C++ debug free() function to mark freed heap memory


DEADBABE "Dead babe", Used at the start of Silicon GraphicsIRIX arena files
DEADBEEF "Dead beef", Famously used on IBM systems such as the RS/6000, also used in the original Mac OS operating systemsOPENSTEP Enterprise, and the Commodore Amiga. On Sun MicrosystemsSolaris, marks freed kernel memory (KMEM_FREE_PATTERN)
DEADC0DE "Dead code", Used as a marker in OpenWRT firmware to signify the beginning of the to-be created jffs2 file system at the end of the static firmware
DEADF00D "Dead food", Used by Mungwall on the Commodore Amiga to mark allocated but uninitialized memory [15]
DEFEC8ED "Defecated", Used for OpenSolaris core dumps
EBEBEBEB From MicroQuill's SmartHeap
FADEDEAD "Fade dead", Comes at the end to identify every AppleScript script
FDFDFDFD Used by Microsoft's C/C++ debug malloc() function to mark "no man's land" guard bytes before and after allocated heap memory


FEE1DEAD "Feel dead", Used by Linux reboot() syscall
FEEDFACE "Feed face", Seen in PowerPC Mach-O binaries on Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X platform. On Sun MicrosystemsSolaris, marks the red zone (KMEM_REDZONE_PATTERN)

Used by VLC player and some IP cameras in RTP/RTCP protocol, VLC player sends four bytes in the order of the endianness of the system. Some IP cameras expecting that the player sends this magic number and do not starting the stream if no magic number received.

FEEEFEEE "Fee fee", Used by Microsoft's debug HeapFree() to mark freed heap memory. Some nearby internal bookkeeping values may have the high word set to FEEE as well.


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