《C++/CLI in Action》

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C++/CLI in Action

Nishant Sivakumar

April, 2007 | 416 pages
ISBN: 1-932394-81-8


“... a great resource, an outstanding job, a must-read...”
 —Ayman B. Shoukry, VC++ Team, Microsoft Corporation

“... explains the C++/CLI language and shows how it can be used.”
 —James Johnson, www.misterdotnet.com/blog/

“... a great reference ... a must-have in any C++ programmer抯 bookshelf.”
 —Michael L. Taylor, C# MVP

“... absolutely the only book you抣l need to learn this powerful new .NET language ... a lifesaver... .”
 —Christian Graus, Code Project

Developers initially welcomed Microsoft抯 Managed C++ for .NET, but the twisted syntax made it difficult to use. Its much-improved replacement, C++/CLI, now provides an effective bridge between the native and managed programming worlds. Using this technology, developers can combine existing C++ programs and .NET applications with little or no refactoring. Accessing .NET libraries like Windows Forms, WPF, and WCF from standard C++ is equally easy.

C++/CLI in Action is a practical guide that will help you breathe new life into your legacy C++ programs. The book begins with a concise C++/CLI tutorial. It then quickly moves to the key themes of native/managed code interop and mixed-mode programming. You抣l learn to take advantage of GUI frameworks like Windows Forms and WPF while keeping your native C++ business logic. The book also covers methods for accessing C# or VB.NET components and libraries. Written for readers with a working knowledge of C++.



  • Call C++ libraries from C# or VB.NET
  • C++ for WPF and WCF
  • Mixed-mode programming techniques
  • Move from Managed C++ to C++/CLI


About the Authors

Nishant Sivakumar has extensive experience with Visual C++, MFC, C#, and the .NET Framework. He has been a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP since 2002 and maintains an MVP tips and tricks website and a popular blog. Nish is in charge of several products for The Code Project. He also authored Extending MFC Applications with the .NET Framework. Nish lives with his wife in Toronto, Ontario.


C++/CLI in Action

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C++/CLI in Action

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       CLI 指的是通用语言结构,一种支持动态组件编程模型的多重结构,在许多情况下,这代表了一个与C++对象模型完全颠倒了的模式,一个时实的软件层,有效的执行了系统,在底层操作系统与程序之间运...
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1 C++/CLI标准 由ECMA最早于2003年开始设计,最新版ECMA-372 在2005年11月推出。 2 双关键字 enum calss  enum struct for eac...
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C++/CLI基本类型文/Stanley Lippman   李建忠 导读:本文向大家揭示了在将CLI类型系统和ISO-C++语义框架集成在一起的时候,微软做了哪些调整工作,以及如何在必要的时候调整在...
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C++/CLI简介(什么是C++/CLI) -------C++/CLI 编程系列一

要知道C++/CLI是什么,首先知道什么是CLI。 一、CLI简介 CLI:(Common Language Infrastructure,通用语言框架)提供了一套可执行代码和它所运行需要的虚拟执行环...
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实例解析C++/CLI之开篇           C++/CLI可以说是标准C++语言一种新的“方言”,它是Microsoft为充分利用CLI(Common Language Infrastructu...
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