Tips: How to relink Oracle 9ias on Unix platform

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Tips: How to relink Oracle 9ias on Unix platform

You can relink the majority of the 9iAS components by running the command 'relink all' from $ORACLE_HOME/bin.

For the Developer6i components in an Enterprise install, I've pulled the relinking commands from the latest patchset.

Note for Reports linking : Reports has both link-time and run-time dependency with so you need to append
$ORACLE_HOME/network/jre11/lib/aix/native_threads in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
before linking Reports. The same $LD_LIBRARY_PATH should be used at run-time.

(cd $ORACLE_HOME/procbuilder60/lib; make -f install)
(cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib; make -f install)
(cd $ORACLE_HOME/reports60/lib; make -f install)
(cd $ORACLE_HOME/graphics60/lib; make -f install)

How to check everything is fine, after relink

If you didn't get errors during the relink then it completed successfully. You could try running the executables you just relinked to verify them. If you look in $ORACLE_HOME/bin and $ORACLE_HOME/6iserver/bin any executable that had the timestamp updated when you relinked was rebuilt. There's a lot of them, see if you'd want to test each one.

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