SQL1015N The database is in an inconsistent state. SQLSTATE=55025

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Attempt to migrate instance through db2imigr or checking database for migration through db2ckmig result in DBI1205E when using IBM DB2 for Linux- UNIX and Windows.


The migration log will show the following error message:

SQL1015N The database is in an inconsistent state. SQLSTATE=55025


The error message in the migration log suggests that one of the databases under the instance being migrated, or the database being checked for migration via db2ckmig is in inconsistent state.

Diagnosing the problem

The database configuration can be checked to confirm if a database is in consistent state using the following command:

db2 get db cfg for <DATABASE_NAME>

The following parameter will indicate if the given database is in consistent state in version 9.5 and below:

Database is consistent = NO

In version 9.7, the following parameter will indicate if the given database is consistent:

All committed transactions have been written to disk = NO

In this example, the database is not in consistent state.

Resolving the problem

User can bring the database back in consistent state using the following steps:

1. db2 restart database <DATABASE_NAME>
2. db2 force applications all
3. db2stop
4. db2start

Please note that if the database becomes consistent after the step # 1, user does not have to restart the instance (step 2, 3,and 4). This must be done for all the databases that are inconsistent state prior to their migration. In multi-partitioned environment, this must be done on all or only inconsistent partitions.


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