cean(Comprehensive Erlang Archive Network) help

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    *  give some help

      > cean:help().

    * list available packages

      > cean:available().

    * list installed packages

      > cean:installed().

    * check for an installed package (returns true/false)

      > cean:installed(mnesia).

    * search for packages using keywords

      > cean:search("web server").

    * install a package (mnesia as example)

      > cean:install(mnesia).

    * uninstall a package (mnesia as example)

      > cean:uninstall(mnesia).

    * check new versions of installed packages

      > cean:new().

    * upgrade a package (ejabberd as example)

      > cean:upgrade(ejabberd).

    * upgrade the whole distribution

      > cean:upgrade().

    * check installed CEAN version

      > cean:version().


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