[Music]a whole new world

原创 2004年10月22日 17:12:00
a whole new world

i can show you the world
shining, shimmering, splendid
tell me, princess, now when did
you last let your heart decide
i can open your eyes
take you wonder by wonder
over, sideways and under
on a magic carpet ride
a whole new world
a new fantastic point of view
no one to tell us no or where to go
or say we're only dreaming
a whole new world
a dazzling place i never knew
but when i'm way up there
it's crystal clear
that now i'm in a whole new world with you
unbelievable sights
indescribable feeling
soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
through an endless diamond sky
a whole new world
don't you dare close your eyes
a hundred thousand things to see
hold your hreath - it gets better
i'm like a shooting star i've come so far
i can't go back to where i used to be
a whole new world
(every turn a surprise)
with new horizons to pursue
(every momment red-letter)
i'll chase them anywhere
there's time to spare
let me share this whole new world with you
a whole new world
that's where we'll be
a thrilling chase
a wondrous place
for you and me

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