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【DataStructure】Some useful methods about linkedList(二)

Method 1: Add one list into the other list. For example, if list1is {22, 33, 44, 55} and  list2 is ...

Some Useful Corpora

Suggested Corpora and Resources in English if not stated otherwise (not all of them are free of cha...

some things useful

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【DataStructure】Some useful methods about linkedList.

/** * Method 1: Delete the input element x  * and meanwhile keep the length of array after deleted n...

【DataStructure】Some useful methods for arrays

Last night it took me about two hours to learn arrays. For the sake of less time, I did not put emph...

Some useful commands in cmd

Some useful commands in cmd name explanation CD Displays the name of or changes the current d...

Some useful links of Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) 统计机器翻译的有用链接

There are some links that I have collected from the Internet, maybe they are useful for some student...

Some useful DevOPS commands

while [ 1 ]; do sleep 1; ll; done # 无限循环 while [ $i -lt 10 ]; do echo $i;let "i=$i+1"; done # 有限循环 c...
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