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Of the 6.4 billion people in the world, about 2.2 billion of us are already telephone subscribers, with mobile subscribers now accounting for 1.2 billion of these. It has taken little more than a decade for mobile subscriptions to outstrip fixed lines, but this still leaves more than half the world's population without any kind of telecommunication service. This untapped market represents a big opportunity for the mobile industry.

In the next five years more than 80% of the growth in global mobile subscriptions is expected to come from emerging markets with relatively low levels of current penetration and high populations. These include China, India, Russia and Brazil, as well as some African and European countries. Potential new subscribers include people living lives as diverse as a taxi driver in Mumbai, a corner shop clerk in Bangladesh or a delivery man in Brazil. All they have in common is that they have not previously been able to subscribe to mobile services.

Being able to communicate remotely with other people increases the well being of an individual and even society as a whole. Access to telecommunications increases the scope for industry, business development and social welfare because people can communicate and access information that makes them more productive. The key is to make that access easy, affordable and reliable.

However, new growth markets typically offer a lower average revenue per user (ARPU) and this presents a challenge for traditional wireless solutions. These markets require new business models and highly efficient end-to-end solutions that break the boundaries of traditional cost structures.

Nokia Mobile Entry Products and Solutions approach recognizes the untapped potential in these new growth markets. The aim is to create a new world of accessible mobile communications and accelerate the growth of the global market for wireless communications.

Nokia will continue to introduce attractive new mobile phones, propose new business models to industry players and offer cost-effective network solutions to make mobile calls more affordable, allowing new consumer groups to enjoy the benefits of mobility. Accessing this largely untapped market will make it possible for the worldwide mobile subscription base to reach two billion in 2007.



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