Busy to finish the work.

原创 2006年05月21日 18:20:00

The previous week has gone  with the busy work to be finished on time, and I feel grateful that the week's work has been finished almost by the end of the week. I think i can turn to the next work soon..

In the learning of english, I mainly want to listen to the online radio or online english learning materials, but when i open the websites i visited previous, the online stream mediums cann't be played. Probably the intranet has prevented the stream medium from being played so as not to interfere with work.. Next, I finally find some free online radio/TV software , through which i can listen to the CNN radio..Ok...

In the learning of technologies, I feel very sorry i have no time to turn to...


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Busy Developers' Guide to HSSF and XSSF Features

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【选译】The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development CHAPTER 20

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今天遇到这样的一个bug,我的测试机是Android 6.0以上机型,点击微信第三方登录的时候出现这种情况:Activity {hz.helpme_repair/hz.helpme_repair.wx...
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