good, the csdn blog is ok.

原创 2006年06月05日 20:04:00

To my delight, the csdn blog is ok now:) When I login previous the blog always didn't work, couldn't open any article of my blog, it made me feel very depressed.  it's ok now. good..

Another thing, our teem catched up with our schedule again. Because in the beginning of the work of our teem, some technologies of the application server made our work inefficient and hard to code and unit testing,our work progress very slowly. So we had to work more harder and spend more time on working. After the teem's hard work, the network's speed and the performance of the servers are promoted greatly, our works are on schedule again, and we work more efficiently, so the tools are very important to the work....

To spoken english learning and listening to english radio,  the only material is CNN radio, the radio's english speaking speed is somewhat faster for me, I always cann't catch up with it and it's new words are very hard to know, so the progress is slow, maybe only to make me familiar with the english speaking environment..It's hard to listen to the english radio, and need more time spending on it...


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