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原创 2007年09月12日 12:34:00
I always think my English is very bad because I could not pass the CET 6 exam. Recently I realize that learning English is not just for exam, but for learn more knowledge from other countries to enhance my technology power.
       At the summer holiday, I encountered a student in Beijing on the Windows Live Messager. He chated with me in English. By all appearances, his English was perfect. I asked “why”, He told me that he speak English at anywhere regardless of how bad it is!
      Not long ago, I communicated with my brother in law. He abused me to ask what’s the flavor to kiss your heap(吻你的屁股是什么味道?)! I answered that “It’s so sweet”. When I knew what’s the meaning of this! I went crazy! My brother’s English level is even higher than his Chinese, because he is a Hongkonger. He said that my English was at a primary level and encouraged me to speak out at anytime! I got a apperception!
   So I begin to use propriety English when I do programming and give summary by English, such as this article at my blog. An EventUtility Class for JavaScript .
I force me to read a lot English technology article at my daily life to improve my English, even write blog by English. But I always could not express myself in a regularly way! Now I will persist in this method to learn English and hope it is efficiency!
 I have a daydream that I would become a technology article author to let people all around the world to share my fruit when I am 30 years old! But now just learn English for myself not for exam!


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