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China plans social credit system pilot

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SHANGHAI - From borrowing books from public libraries to borrowing bank loans, personal and enterprise credit records have been increasingly valued in China.     受到重视


The first demonstration zone of social credit system inChina, aimed to promote benefits of good credit, is planned for the

 Yangtze RiverDelta region, encompassing Shanghai municipality, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces.

示范区  良好的信用  长江三角洲地区 上海市


The national pilot plan approved by the National Development and Reform Commission is expected to help nurture a sound business and social environment in the region and regulate individual behavior based on credit records.

国家试点   国家发改委  培育健全的商业和社会环境

Pilot   vt.  驾驶; 试验; 试点; 为(船舶)引航(或操舵);                        ---飞行员

Sound adj. 健全的; 合理的;完好的,无损的; 明智的;                                     ---


Under the system, trustworthy entrepreneurs and individuals will be rewarded, while infringers will be discredited.

Infringe v.违背;~(on/upon) sth侵犯 infringer[法] 侵权人;


The YangtzeRiver Delta region has benefitted from growth in enterprise credit and intellectual property rights(IPR) protection.



Since 2015,provincial-level governments have launched joint campaigns against cross-region and cross-industry IPRinfringement and counterfeits.


赝品[ fake;counterfeit;sham]


By using big data, public security departments in the region have been able to work together on Internet business fraud.



Cases of infringement and counterfeit in the region are listed via the government website ipraction.gov.cn, with detailed information open for examination.



A collaboration on cracking down on fake and shoddy goods has helped mitigate barriers of local protectionism,said Lin haihan, who is in charge of the trademark division in Shanghai Administration for Industry andCommerce.

打击   缓和了地方保护主义的间隙    商标部门   工商  上海行政工商商标部门


In the tourist sector, an online tourist information center was launched on a test run inNovember, to give updates of bad records of tourist agencies.

旅游部门    试运行   不良记录的旅行社


JinXingming, deputy secretary general of Shanghai municipal government, said the unified credit system of the tourist market in the delta region is a "breakthrough" in the linkage of the overall credit system.

上海市政府   副秘书长


The credit system can deliver market-oriented penalties through blacklisting discredited entrepreneurs. The system can join the efforts of social, government and market supervision,said jin.

以市场为导向的惩罚    拉黑失信的企业

Blacklist 黑名单 supervision 监督


Zhao Qing, an entrepreneur from Anhui Province, had a taste of the benefits in 2016. The entrepreneur needed only three days to borrow 7 million yuan(about 1 million U.S dollars) from the Lai'an Rural Commercial Bank, when his stationery manufacturing company was in urgent need of cash.

尝到甜头  文具制造企业

Stationary n.文具; 办公用品; 信纸,信封;文房四宝;


The bank said the swift loan approval was due to Zhao's credit rating.

代之上文提到的   贷款迅速批准  根据信用等级


In Shanghai, citizens with good social credit now can get a "credit card" inShanghai Library and borrow books for free.


The social credit system pilot should break up small-scale credit reward and punishment initiatives in different cities, and provide a systematic and unified measure, which can be extended to a national practice,saidWang Ningjiang, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Credit Center.



He said the pilot should prioritize blacklisting firms with bad records for causing environmental damage or food safety problems.

先把有坏记录的公司列入黑名单  -- 导致环境破坏或食品安全问题的企业





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