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Sun启动了一个JSF的开源项目,旨在完成JSF规范的完整实现,有意思的是,他把这个开源项目叫做“Open development”而非“Open Source”,全文如下:


JavaServer Faces goes open source

Posted By: James Holmes on June 28, 2004 @ 01:25 PM

Sun has created a new Java.net project for the development of the reference implementation of JavaServer Faces.

Ed Burns said the project aims to be the most complete implementation of the spec, have a fast turn-around time, build a community of developers, and to demonstrate uncompromising commitment to test-first development and code review for all code coming into the project.

Here is the announcement from Ed Burns of Sun:

People have been requesting that Sun release the source code of its implementation of JavaServer(TM) Faces Technology for several years, and Sun's answer has been that doing so is under review. I won't go into the reasons for the length of the review process, but I'm happy to announce that it's finally complete. We have created an open development project on java.net to host the continuing development of Sun's JavaServer Faces implementation. All previously internal development will be done in this project; there is no private source tree that we really use. In other words, this project is not just for show. Please read the FAQ for answers to such pressing questions as "how do I get and build the source".

You'll note that I didn't use the term "open source", but rather, "open development". We're doing so out of respect for the rigorous definition of the term supplied by the Open Source Definition (OSD). I'm not a lawyer, and I can't tell you where the Java Research License, which we're using for our project, stands with respect to the OSD. I'll leave that to someone who doesn't write code!

In any case, as with any open development project, there are many levels of participation. You can file bugs so we know about them and can get the fixes to you as quickly as possible. You could simply grab our regular builds to check if your pet bug has been fixed. You can browse the source code to get an explanation of the behavior you're wondering about. You can, also (my favorite) build the code yourself and run it in a debugger for the ultimate in development transparency.

Read the full announcement: Welcome to the JavaServer (TM) Faces Implementation Project!

Java.net JSF project home

Faces Console GUI Tool


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